Millet A2 Configuration Exposure: Xiaolong 660 + Native Android 8.1

- May 03, 2018-

Last year, Xiaomi released the first mobile phone equipped with a non-MIUI system in the Indian market, the Xiaomi A1. Not only does it carry native systems, it even joins the ranks of Google Android One, gaining a lot of praise locally. And this phone is in China's best selling millet 5X.

Android 2.jpg

With the release of Xiaomi 6X, the news of Xiaomi A2 has also been exposed recently. Foreign media XDA got the firmware of the new series of machines in advance, and the firmware shows that the millet A2 code is jasmine_sprout, in which the producer is the millet A1 code, and this code is likely to become the name shared by the Xiaomi Android One model.


According to the XDA developer's discovery, the relevant code in the firmware implies that the aircraft will be equipped with a Snapdragon 660 processor with a front 20 megapixel Sony IMX 376. In addition, the Android 8.1 system will be pre-installed to support the quick upgrade mechanism Project Treble. It will use the same design as the Xiaomi 6X that was just released in China.

In addition, the developer also discovered a new machine code-named daisy_sprout, equipped with Xiaolong 625 chip (or red rice S2), should also be a Android One model. Currently Xiaomi is now firmly positioned in the Indian mobile phone market, and this new machine, which is likely to be hot, is expected to be officially launched in the near future.

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