Millet Hand NOKIA Cooperation In Business And Patents

- Jul 05, 2017-

Previously, rumors have been that millet will reach strategic cooperation with NOKIA after several storms, and even rumors that NOKIA's new machine will use millet processor. Today, these rumours have finally received an official response. Today, the company announced that it has signed a business cooperation agreement with NOKIA and a multi-year patent licensing agreement, including cross licensing of essential patents in mobile networks.

In addition to cross licensing in the patent, the transaction also includes millet acquisition part of NOKIA's patent assets. Under the business cooperation agreement signed on the same day, NOKIA will provide high performance and low power network infrastructure equipment needed by Internet service providers and data centers. Millet and NOKIA will work together to develop optical transmission technologies for data center transmission, IP routing technology based on NOKIA's latest release of FP4 network processors, and data center network solutions. In addition, the two sides will explore the possibility of cooperation in IOT, VR, AR and AI."

To put it simply, the cooperation between millet and NOKIA is largely based on NOKIA's patent advantage accumulated over the years in the communications industry, paving the way for its further entry into the international market. See, in the increasingly fierce competition in the domestic market, such as millet manufacturers also have to enter the international market, and to gain a foothold in the international market, the patent reserve is inevitable, there is a patent cross licensing NOKIA, naturally will be of great help.

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