Millet USB Quick Charger Can Be Filled In 6 Equipment Once Time

- Mar 06, 2018-

A millet yesterday released a number of new products, including millet USB charger 60W fast charging version, palm sized charger with 6 charging interface, the maximum power of 60W, QC3.0 and USB-PD support fast charging standard, compatible with AC100-240V wide voltage input 50/60Hz voltage and frequency, a poor traveler who meet the charging requirement of equipment.

快到极致 小米USB充电器60W快充版发布

小米USB充电器快充版发布 一次能充6个设备_pic3

The millet USB charger 60W fast charging plate body is processed by high gloss mirror technology, and a hidden design LED lamp on the side of the charging interface will be lit up under working condition. The six USB interfaces are arranged horizontally, reducing the thickness and occupying space, and ensuring that the interface is not too crowded.

The 6 interface total output power 60W, of which the most left USB Type-C interface output power of up to 18W, QC3.0 and compatible with the PD standard, Macbook power supply. The orange USB Type-A interface supports the QC3.0 protocol, the maximum power of 18W, which can be quickly charged for mobile phones and iPad. The four USB Type-A interface port up to 5V/2.4A, suitable for watch bracelet or mobile power charging.

小米USB充电器快充版发布 一次能充6个设备_pic5

The enhanced version of MI Jia intelligent socket can intelligently count the current size of the current electrical appliances and carry out power failure protection. The products are made of flame retardant PC shell and GB2099.1 flame-retardant test standard, and the inner wave soldering process is applied to double quality assurance. When the electric appliance is used, it can be detected by the chip. When the internal temperature is too high, it can remind the user and cut off the power in time to reduce the risk. The intimate protection door design can let the baby or pet do not touch the socket by mistake, use more reassurance.

小米USB充电器快充版发布 一次能充6个设备_pic6

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