Mother Prevents Son From Using IPhone X To Transfer Money: Mother's Expression Is Very Interesting

- Mar 07, 2018-

Today, when mobile payment is popular, going out with a mobile phone can complete all the payments and 

purchases in our daily life. As a pioneer in fingerprinting, Apple's contribution in the field of mobile payments is 

even more important. Fingerprint recognition today has become a must-have for smartphones, as well as quick 

and secure payment methods. However, iPhone X released last year, but canceled fingerprint recognition, use the 

face ID.

阻止儿子用iPhone X转账 母亲表情包火了

Initially we are all skeptical of this new technology, we think face recognition of such things and fingerprints are 

not safe enough compared. Others say Tucao, pick up a friend's phone let him take a look, you can unlock or 

transfer it! Sounds viable, but if your mom is an expressive person, this trick may not work!

阻止儿子用iPhone X转账 母亲表情包火了

Recently, there was a video circulating on Weibo, when her son picked up her mother's cellphone and wanted to 

use her Wechat account to transfer 888 yuan to her. When her cell phone was in front of her mother, her mother 

instantly "turned her face" . Netizens have said after watching the video: This is really a pro-mother! Learn from 

aunt. In fact, the mother's practice is also demonstrated from the side, Apple's face ID to pay although you can 

learn to face changes, but like lying sideways, the expression range, etc., still can not identify. Since Apple 

believes facial recognition is the future trend, we believe that the next generation of products should be improved!

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