Moto G6/g6 Plus Real Machine Show Up Still Familiar With Style

- Apr 19, 2018-

Speaking of Moto Mobile phone, in the hearts of many people believe that the legendary existence. As once an international big manufacturer, Moto has launched a lot of popular world classic models. After the marriage with Lenovo, Moto also launched the Moto X, Moto Z and other models with pioneering significance. A recent news that Moto's new model Moto G6/g6 Plus is about to be released, and a real machine diagram.

moto G6/G6 Plus真机现身 依旧熟悉风格

moto G6渲染图

From the rendering, Moto G6 does not use the popular overall screen design, but the border is still relatively narrow. There is no entity at the bottom of the home button, but the use of virtual button design, chin is moto logo. The back of the fuselage is a single camera, and the flash is integrated into a circular region. The logo below may be integrated with the fingerprint identification function.

moto G6/G6 Plus真机现身 依旧熟悉风格

Configuration, it is reported that Moto G6 Plus has a 5.93-inch, resolution-2160x1080 screen, equipped with Gaotong Dragon 630 processor, with 4GB/6GB storage +32GB/64GB Save the portfolio, with a rear 12 million + 5 million megapixel dual-camera, Front 16 million megapixel camera, 3200mAh battery capacity. The other Moto G6 uses a 5.7-inch 1440x720 display, equipped with a Gaotong Dragon 430 processor, built-in 2GB storage +16gb/32gb, with a rear 12 million + front 5 million megapixel camera and 4000mAh battery capacity. From the configuration point of view, two mobile phones should be positioned in the middle end, how do we feel?

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