Moving Forward In Compromise, When Does The Perfect Full Screen Appear?

- Nov 13, 2017-


Fingerprint identification under the screen

Fingerprinting called mobile phone manufacturers face model. From being vocalized by everybody's post-fingerprints, the development of the industry "politically correct" front fingerprint, and then a full screen ... ... Preface fingerprint manufacturers in order to solve this problem, but also moved to the back of the fingerprint identification. Individual dead support manufacturers, will soon be made full screen new machine, late for a while.

In fact, in addition to post-fingerprint recognition, nor is there no solution, under the screen is one of the most favored fingerprints. However, no matter whether Apple or Samsung, have not found a suitable screen fingerprint module. Fortunately, Samsung S9 released early next year is expected to overcome this problem.


Camera, light sensor, distance sensor concealed design

Under the screen fingerprint can also be developed under the existing mobile phone screen, camera, light sensor, distance sensor is not so lucky. To the camera, for example, the vast majority of mobile phone screen now is opaque, can not be placed under the screen.

And similar to the pop-up design in the daily use of very inconvenient. Therefore, only the Samsung S8, iPhone X on the same screen outside the panel, the extra forehead or chin, the biggest obstacle to a real borderless phone.

网传小米MIX 3

So, the camera down to the screen feasible? Samsung introduced a touch of transparent OLED TV panel a few years ago. If the transparent OLED panel can be made into a cell phone, the camera on the screen will naturally be solved. But such time and costs are obviously unpredictable, and so far it seems there is no sign that such a design will emerge. Instead, the smaller footprint custom camera design is widely used, more than this avant-garde design easier.


Concealed handset design

Handset innovation devaluation millet MIX generation of full screen concept phone, bone conduction handset design, making millet MIX to keep the call after removing the forehead capacity. However, this design effect is not satisfactory, and far from the traditional earpiece, therefore, millet MIX 2 has changed back. We believe that when the technology is mature, a similar solution will return to the full screen mobile phone.


Virtual button design

I strongly support the virtual keys, can greatly reduce the occurrence of false touch. Recently with a 3-touch mobile phone to play the "king of glory", touch almost to life, although the top performance of the Snapdragon 835 processor, it is difficult to block the pit.

More friends have children experience, the baby holding a cell phone watching animation, always hit the button, my mother switched over again and again, really tired.

华为Mate 10 Pro

Naked eye 3D display technology

The phone's screen is getting bigger, but still confined to a plane. Watching movies or playing games on a cell phone is hard to create an immersive experience. In 3D cinema, VR virtual reality swept the era, the phone naturally not outdated, there are already several naked eye 3D mobile phone release, but technically not mature, as the daily use of naked eye 3D mobile phone clarity worrying, just a plaything.

In the future with the naked eye 3D technology continues to improve, the full screen naked eye 3D mobile phone will soon come full of three-dimensional naked eye 3D mobile phone will bring more disruptive new ways to smart phones.

在妥协中前进 最完美的全面屏何时出现?

Free-folding full screen surface mobile phone

Since the surface of mobile phones are widely used by Samsung, the impression that the surface of mobile phones almost stagnant, generally considered the curved phone on both sides of the screen is a curved screen mobile phone. In fact, the real surface of the phone should be free to bend. In addition to Samsung, the domestic BOE, Softtech panel makers have also achieved or will soon achieve flexible AMOLED screen production. The development of curved mobile phones will move forward faster, the future of mobile phones will be even more amazing.

在妥协中前进 最完美的全面屏何时出现?

Conclusion: At present, the development of full-screen mobile phone has just started. Those mobile phones that claim to be full-screen are ridiculed, but compared with the past, the huge increase in screen share is real and must be affirmed. And above these existing or theoretically feasible full screen mobile phone solutions are likely to become a normal in the future. From science fiction to reality, we only need a patient wait.

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