New Device That Would Be Issued In 2018

- Jan 02, 2018-

In 2017, for the first time, apple publicly released three iphones -- the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus -- in a release. Rumor has it that we will also see apple release three new iphones next year.

According to sources, apple's new iPhone lineup next year will follow "two highs and lows" : two flagship displays with OLED screens and one with a mid-end LCD screen. One of the flagship models is the iPhone X's direct successor, with a 5.8-inch screen, while the second is the iPhone X Plus, which has a larger body, and of course the screen size will also grow to 6.5 inches.

If nothing else, apple will be able to get facial features on every model, so even that LCD iPhone won't have a Home button in return for a larger 6.1 inch screen. It's not clear what kind of design the new machine will have, or whether it will look like a full screen.

2018 iphone x.jpg

HomePod was supposed to go on sale in 2017, but apple delayed it until 2018.

Apple doesn't seem to be competing directly with amazon and Google, and HomePod's biggest selling point is not Siri, but sound quality. HomePod is equipped with seven high frequency arrays, each with its own vocal unit. It has a 4-inch front to the bass speaker to provide a clear, undistorted sound. The A8 chip of HomePod brings spatial awareness, allowing it to adjust sound effects by analyzing the room.


It's clear that apple doesn't want to let facial ID and touch ID coexist for too long, so it's not just the iPhone, but it's likely that the iPad will have its own camera. Of course, apple has to launch a new machine to do that.

apple watch.jpg

Apple has not changed the design of the Apple Watch since 2015. By the fourth generation, apple is likely to come up with a redesign, or it might face questions from the outside world.

But even so, Apple Watch Series 4 or is likely to bring us a lot of new things, such as the new sensor, rumors of Apple plans to Watch on electrocardiogram (ecg) function, and blood sugar monitoring. In addition, earlier sources said Apple was considering switching to a micro-led display for the Apple Watch. The display is lighter, thinner, and has better display and brightness.


Apple has been emphasizing the importance of the Mac for itself over the past year, and promises that the Mac will still have new designs in the future. Apple will have to continue to act next year to prove it.

iphone SE.jpgWill we see the next iPhone SE launch next year? I don't know, after all, there's no definite news. The only thing we can rely on is CEO Tim cook's occasional emphasis on the iPhone SE. But there are still many people who need a cheap, easy-to-use iPhone.

AR glasses

Others have been expecting apple to launch AR glasses in 2018. In fact, apple may actually release such a new product, but not so fast. According to bloomberg, apple plans to launch AR glasses in 2020 to gradually replace smartphone ambitions.

As for apple mentioned "new design of the Mac Pro and Mac mini", although we don't need to wait for it as long as AR glasses, but, after all, such a big thing, intelligence is so little, are some strange. Perhaps apple will release its release in 2019?

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