New Discovery! IPhone XR Signal Seems To Be Better Than IPhone X

- Oct 06, 2018-

What is the cause of this signal problem, we will not discuss it for the time being, some iPhone XS/Max signal problems are no objection, so the good guys have turned their attention to the iPhone XR, which has not yet been released, as the low-priced iPhone this year. Is this phone different in terms of signal on iPhone XS/Max?

Iphone XR.jpg

Some media have extracted the EIRP (equivalent isotropic radiated power) and antenna gain chart data of the iPhone XR from the FCC file. From these data, the antenna design of the iPhone XR and iPhone XS/Max is different, using a standard 2x2 MIMO antenna for greater gain. As for the actual application scenario, the iPhone XR may be able to achieve better signal performance than the iPhone XS/Max.

Considering that many users are always sensitive to the signal, if you really want to change the iPhone, you may want to wait for the iPhone XR to come out and make a decision. Of course, for the LCD Party, the iPhone XR has always been the best choice, and the signal advantage is also the gospel of the LCD Party.

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