New Iphone 6.1-inch LCD Screen Wider Chin

- Jun 28, 2018-

It's almost certain that the new 5.8-inch iPhone should look the same as the current iPhone X, and the bigger "iPhone X Plus" should be the oversized iPhone X. But what about a 6.1-inch LCD iPhone? Now the foreign media BGR has exclusively obtained a rendering, which shows us the appearance of Apple's new mid-range iPhone.

According to the report, the above image was obtained from a reliable source. Apple’s upcoming 6.1-inch iPhone comes with a protective cover made by third-party manufacturer Ghostek. BGR claims to have obtained renderings of unreleased mobile phones from this source several times in the past, and it has been proved to be accurate every time. It is reported that this rendering is based on detailed documents obtained from factories that manufacture these smartphones, which explains why they are so accurate.

From the picture, first of all, as expected, the new 6.1-inch iPhone gave up the Home button and Touch ID. The bangs at the top of the screen can see the face recognition system. It can also be seen that the border of the 6.1-inch iPhone screen looks wider than the border on the current iPhone X, because Apple can not hide the display controller in the LCD screen. Therefore, the bottom border must be wider.

Looking at the lower back, the most obvious difference from the current iPhone X is that the double shot becomes a single shot. And it looks like new sensors and new optics are used because the rear camera is much larger than the rear camera on the iPhone 8.

Apple’s three iPhones this year are expected to be released from early September to mid-September.

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