New VivoX21 Exposure: Helio P60+6G Storage

- May 10, 2018-

Recently, a mobile phone model vivo X21i A appeared in the geekbench running sub-site, data show that this phone uses MediaTek P60 processor (MT6771), 6GB of memory and Android 8.1 system.


From the sub-run data, we can see that the new machine single-core run is divided into 1499 points, multi-core 5777 points. This vivo X21i A is likely to be the P60 version of the vivo X21. Other aspects may not change significantly with the current Vivo X21 version of vivo X21.

MediaTek Helio P60 was released at the end of February this year. It adopts TSMC's 12nm process technology and is currently the most outstanding single-chip power system for the Helio P series of MediaTek. Compared to Helio P23, the previous-generation P-series product, the Helio P60’s overall performance increased by 12%, and the power consumption of large-scale games was reduced by 25%, significantly extending the use of mobile phones.


Vivo X21 equipped with 6.28-inch 19:9 ratio FHD + full screen, screen ratio of 90.3%, 6G storage +128G standard memory. At the same time, it also introduced fingerprint technology under the screen and Jovi AI personal assistant, equipped with Android 8.1 system. The price of the X21i A with MediaTek P60 processor is not yet known, waiting for the official to announce it for us.

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