Next Year, The IPhone Will Support 3x Optical Zoom

- Jul 07, 2018-

With three cameras, Apple can achieve 3D imaging and give the phone three times the optical zoom, which is better than the previous dual zoom. At the same time, this phone will have better TrueDepth capability than the current iPhone X phone.

The reason why 3D imaging can be realized is because the two sensors can capture the image of a single object from different angles. The system realizes the 3D imaging construction by triangulation to obtain the distance between each part of the measurement point to the mobile phone, although it does not sound complicated. But it is a very difficult process to implement. However, there have been rumors that Apple will use the flight time, that is, TOF technology, but this technology has been first announced by vivo. They have realized stereoscopic imaging through TOF technology on mobile phones. Is it true that domestic mobile phone manufacturers use this function first or Apple? ? It is worth looking forward to.

There is no news in other aspects. After all, it is still a year and a half away from the release of this mobile phone. The design of this product has not been completed yet. It is expected to be only a preliminary plan. The products that are finally in our hands may change a lot.

Whether or not these technologies are available depends on Apple's final decision.

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