OLED Burn-In Test: Samsung Note8 Failed To IPhone X

- Jan 04, 2018-

Recently, foreign media have made an interesting test of iPhone, X, Samsung Note8, Samsung S7 Edge three mobile phone for as long as 510 hours of "burn-in test". IPhone X OLED is Samsung screen shaped comprehensive supplier, logically, the best screen Samsung to themselves, but the interesting thing happened, 510 hours of continuous "burn-in test," Samsung Note8 unfortunately lost to iPhone X.

iPhone X


The test is the way, the three mobile phone often bright, with a display of static pictures, every time to observe three mobile phone status, results showed that iPhone X in anti "burn-in", to be more excellent than the Samsung Note8, S7 Edge. It's not easy to let Samsung hand over a screen that is better than its own product level, and that's the only thing that apple can do.

OLED“烧屏”测试 三星Note8败给iPhone X

Although the OLED screen burn-in phenomenon is unable to avoid, but we need not worry too much, after all, in the daily use, long time and high brightness display the same picture in mobile phone appear blur is uncommon, this apple is still the official website gives consumer tips. Therefore, in order to prolong the life of the OLED screen, it is necessary to replace the mobile wallpaper.

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