One Plus Phone 6 Features Exposure: Will Support Waterproof Function

- Apr 19, 2018-

A few days ago, OnePlus India’s official Twitter post stated: “Do you hate to close your phone when it rains? We too!” It is clear that officials are implying that the upcoming release of one plus six will support the waterproof function. One plus one of the current launch of all products are not waterproof features, which means that one plus six will be one of its first waterproof phone, but it is not yet clear that a plus 6 waterproof rating.

one plus.jpg

One plus six uses the "Liu Hai" special-shaped screen design, the three sides of the narrow border + chin shape has also been confirmed by one plus the official, the back of the fuselage will use glass material. The back double shot is located in the upper center of the back of the fuselage, while the bottom is equipped with a flash, fingerprint recognition sensor and a plus logo.

1 plus.jpg

With respect to color matching, this time one plus six will be available in black, blue and white colors. In terms of configuration, one plus six will use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, together with a combination of up to 8GB+256GB of memory. For one plus six will support waterproof function, what do you think?

one plus...jpg

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