One Plus Phone India Market Take Off: Total Sales Increased By 192%!

- May 03, 2018-

When it comes to mobile phones that were born for the fever, the first thing we thought of was the Xiaomi cell phone. Now we think of it first as a cell phone. Each year, only one or two high-end flagships are introduced. Almost every model has the strongest hardware configuration at the time, and photographs, screens, and systems are also well-balanced, winning the favor of many domestic and foreign players.

一加手机印度市场起飞 总销量增长192%!

一加手机印度市场起飞 总销量增长192%!

According to an investigation report from Counterpoint, an international industry analyst firm, OnePlus Mobile has achieved the highest growth rate in the high-end mobile phone market in India in the first quarter of 2018 at a growth rate of 192%! And with a 25% share, it holds the second place in the high-end market. A plus 5T invincible, become one of the best-selling mobile phone models. Analysts said that after the highly anticipated one-plus-sixth listing, it is expected to continue the rapid growth brought about by the addition of 5T.


Currently in the Indian market, high-end machines only account for 4% of the total smartphone shipments. With the widespread popularity of smart phones, more and more Indian users hope to use smart phones with more powerful performance. The average price of mobile phones in the Indian market will increase year by year. High-end machines will usher in blowouts in the coming years, focusing on high-end products. The flagship's one plus, this moment is worth the wait.

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