Operators Re-open To Sell Apple IPhone 3GS: Price Is Only 260 Yuan

- Jun 15, 2018-

After a lapse of 9 years, the iPhone 3GS was once again introduced to the market. On June 14, according to Phone Arena, South Korean operator SK Telink announced that it will launch iPhone 3GS at SK Seven Mobile Online Store at the end of this month.

iphone 3gs.jpg

It is reported that the iPhone 3GS sold by Korean operator SK Telink is a repackaged mobile phone. Previously it had been stored in warehouses for a long period of time and was repackaged for sale without any problem.

iphone 3GS mobile.jpg

Since the iPhone 3GS only supports iOS 6 systems, all of it can only meet the basic functional requirements of making calls, listening to music, and sending text messages, which is very suitable for the young people who are attending school.

The price of this product is 44,000 won (approximately 260 yuan).

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