OPPO Announces New Red And Blue Products: Custom Version R15

- May 14, 2018-

This morning, OPPO official Weibo released a warm-up poster and said that it will officially announce the new products released tomorrow. From the poster point of view, this new machine uses red and blue as the theme color, suggesting that the new product will use the "red and blue" two colors in the design, it is likely to be a new color version of the R15.

OOP new.jpg

In addition, there are two details in this Weibo, one of which is the “red and blue sound waves” and the “new scrambling press conference form” or suggesting that this press conference will be presented in a special form; the second is “the exclusive OPPO’s "Red and blue surprises" should suggest that the aircraft will use OPPO's original red and blue body design.

oppo blue and red.jpg

Speaking of red and blue color, in fact, last year OPPO had launched two special versions of red and blue color matching for R11. They are R11 Barcelona customized version with red and blue color contrast design and R11 king glory with red and blue gradient design. Custom version, the design of these two new aircraft are quite amazing. This time, OPPO once again designed a new color scheme for the R15 with the theme of red and blue. This time the new machine is still worth the wait.

oppo new version.jpg

At present, the OPPO official disclosure of new product information is only these, but tomorrow and in the next few days, OPPO should announce more news about this new product, what do you think will be?

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