OPPO Find X Real Machine : The Perfect Fusion Of Art And Technology

- Jul 10, 2018-

OPPO said at the press conference: "A piece of art, although it is an 'object', is not dead, 'beauty' makes it more dynamic, and it is full of vitality." It is such an aesthetic concept, let OPPO created Find X, a "living and quiet beauty."


OPPO Find X uses a 6.42-inch curved panoramic screen on the front, double-curved flexible screen design, and the surrounding frame is as narrow as possible. With the COP packaging technology, the lower border is only 3.4mm, which realizes the narrowest lower border of the current Android mobile phone. . At the same time, the screen ratio reached an unprecedented 93.8%.

FIND X 2.jpg

OPPO Find X has two gradient colors, Bordeaux Red and Iced Blue. The back of the fuselage adopts a special 3D laminated streamer and coloring process, which combines the color and the 3D curved body to make the mobile phone appear as a gemstone and flowing water in different light.


The fully-concealed 3D camera is one of the biggest highlights of Find X. The front and rear cameras and many other components are hidden inside the dual-track predecessor structure. When you need to take a photo or unlock, the camera will pop out at a second speed. The time is only 0.6 seconds, which is equivalent to the blink of an eye. After the operation is completed, it will automatically return to the position.


In the "Double Track Peeping Structure", OPPO brings O-Face 3D structured light technology, which projects 15,000 identification points on the face through structured light components. Even at a distance of 60cm, the precision can be controlled within ±1mm. Construct a fine and complete 3D model for the user's face, the misunderstanding rate is only one in a million, and the security is 20 times that of fingerprint recognition.


OPPO Find X has no "bang" real and comprehensive screen design to make its front more harmonious, higher screen ratio brings more shocking visual effects. The exquisite craftsmanship and color scheme of the fuselage are full of artistic sense, and the lift camera makes this phone equally technical. If 10 points is full, how many points will you give Find X?

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