OPPO R15 Nebula Special Edition Appointment: Stylish Red Blue Gradient Design

- May 17, 2018-

A few days ago, the Live For Real OPPO Red and Blue Music Festival has been set to open on May 19th in Shanghai International Music Village, and the OPPO R15 Nebulae Special Edition will be released. Today, OPPO R15 Nebula Special Edition gift box officially opened the appointment, priced at 3199 yuan. It includes OPPO R15 Nebula Special Edition and JBL Red and Blue Headphones.

OPPO R15.jpg

The OPPO R15 Nebula Special Edition uses the original "Multilayer Streaming Spotlighting Process" to achieve a fantastic red-blue transition of the glass body through several layers of color overlays similar to point-painting; this is then covered with a moonlight-like streamer layer. Make the color change with the angle of light, more smart.

OPPO R15 Nebula Special Edition also uses a special anode technology to achieve a breakthrough in the metal frame of the mobile phone industry, achieving an exquisite nebula gradient effect comparable to that of glass, and a truly integrated visual experience.

OPPO R15new.jpg

The OPPO R15 Nebula Special Edition gift box is priced at RMB 3199. Currently, an appointment has been officially opened. Interested friends can go to the OPPO official website to find out.

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