Phone 8 Red Special Edition True Mobile

- Apr 11, 2018-

April 10, Apple released the Red Special edition of the iphone 8, this year's special edition of the iphone 8 and last year, its front plate changed to black glass, and the red glass back plate formed a very distinctive red and black color, looks very angry. Now that the foreign media has got the phone, let's take a look at what the design looks like.


Since this year's iphone 8 uses a glass-textured back-shell, it is a lot better on texture than the iphone 7 's Red Special edition.

In the light, the surface of the red glass back plate will reflect the streamer, take it in the hands, I believe everyone will be amazed at its appearance.

iPhone 8与iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone 8与iPhone 8 Plus

In addition, the IPhone 8 Red Special version of the back also has the word (PRODUCT) red, but based on past experience, we buy in the domestic version should not have the corresponding words appear.

iPhone 8系列红色特别版均已上架

The Red Special edition of the iphone 8/iphone 8 Plus has been shelves, priced at 5888 yuan (iphone 8) and 6688 yuan (iphone 8 Plus), the official display within 2 working days can be shipped.

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