Play Model, You Have To Understand The Battery!

- Oct 31, 2017-

Battery knowledge is the basis of all types of electric models, especially for model aircraft. 20 years later, the power battery has been a great development, nickel-metal hydride Battery, lithium-ion Battery, lithium polymer Battery have come out and successively in the model aircraft stage debut.

First, what is the power battery

The use of electric motors as an engine model is called an electric model, and a battery that drives such a motor is called a power battery. It is with other uses of the battery has a big difference, the performance of the model aircraft is essential.

Second, the type of power battery and its development profile

Can be used as electric model aircraft power battery type many, there are solar cells, silver zinc Battery, lithium Battery, nickel-cadmium Battery, nickel-metal hydride Battery. Solar cell output current is too small, the area must be done much to make electric model aircraft fly, and the cost is very expensive, so few people interested. Silver and zinc battery from the energy (energy and weight ratio, unit: watts / kg) is very high, high current discharge capacity is very strong, but the shorter life cycle, and the price is expensive, easy to leak, can not dump, so In addition to the past in a record flight was used by people outside, is now no one is interested. At present, people in the model used on the mainstream varieties are nickel series (including nickel-metal hydride Battery and nickel-cadmium Battery two) and emerging lithium Battery (including lithium-ion battery and lithium polymer battery two).

Electric model aircraft in the 20th century, 70 years has been able to popular in Europe and the United States, mainly because of strong and able to repeat the charge and discharge of nickel-cadmium Battery at the time has entered the practical promotion and mass production stage. More than 10 years after the advent of nickel-metal hydride Battery in the energy than the nickel-cadmium Battery show a 50% higher than I00% advantage. But in the high current discharge capacity, for a long time has been significantly behind the nickel-cadmium Battery. However, to the beginning of the 21st century, nickel-metal hydride Battery have been done as much as nickel-cadmium Battery even more than nickel-cadmium Battery, coupled with its small memory effect, the advantages of small environmental pollution, has been widely used in the model aircraft power, One of the mainstream varieties. And nickel-cadmium Battery because it will seriously pollute the environment, has been banned in Europe, in our country is being gradually eliminated.

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