Power Lithium Battery Development Of The Three Technical Bottlenecks

- Sep 29, 2017-

China's power car development is not smooth the key factors are life mileage, charging speed, safety performance, these three factors are power lithium battery technology, but off the cause, which can also be seen as the power of lithium battery three technical bottlenecks.

First, the mileage is short: With the technology continues to mature to lithium battery as a power source of electric vehicle mileage has been less than 100 km from the original growth to the current mainstream of about 300 km, individual models of the mileage exceeded 400 km The But with the current fuel vehicles, the mainstream mileage of 500 km compared to a certain gap. This problem can be solved by multiple strings of single cells, but the negative problem is that the volume is too large to increase the car driving inconvenience.

Second, the charging speed is slow: relative to the mileage is short, but the power lithium battery charging is more rapid development of electric vehicles constraints. At normal speed, electric vehicle power lithium fully charged takes 4 to 8 hours. Now there are fast rechargeable lithium battery, can be filled in 1 to 2 hours, but its negative impact is great, life will be reduced to the original 1/3, and the battery performance will significantly decline. Fuel cars do not exist these problems, refueling time of not more than 5 minutes, security and stability can be guaranteed.

Third, the safety performance to be improved: Since the birth of lithium-ion battery, security problems have been plagued by consumers. From mobile phones, laptops, to today's electric cars, security incidents continue to occur. In addition to Nissan and Tesla's electric car has not yet reported fire, China's Zotye and BYD, the United States and Fisk's electric cars are spontaneous or fire incident occurred.

The existence of these three problems, making lithium batteries because of these three shortcomings to overcome the R & D costs increase, high-priced products also restricted the development of power batteries and power battery electric vehicles.

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