Recognized By Samsung S9:Domestic Shots Have Reached The High-end Market !

- Mar 20, 2018-

According to South Korean media, Samsung Electronics recently released the Galaxy S9 with Sunny Optical's front lens. This is the first time China-made optical components have been used in Samsung's flagship model. It is understood that Sunny Optical is the largest optical component manufacturer in China, producing lenses, camera modules, microscopes, and measuring equipment. Huawei, OPPO, vivo, etc. are all its major customers, and their global market share is leading.

Samsung S9.jpg

China's smart phone component manufacturers provide various components for major smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung Electronics and Apple, based on their competitive advantage in the Chinese market. Sunny Optical is one of the biggest beneficiaries. Sunny Optics is currently the world's No. 1 vehicle lens manufacturer, the world's second-largest supplier of glass lenses and cell phone lenses, and its R&D strength and product innovation must not be underestimated.

Samsung S9.jpg

Sunny Optical has already started strategic cooperation with Corephotonics, the world's leading licensee of dual camera technology, and is able to manufacture the latest dual camera modules, and its technology level has been greatly improved. Millions of dual camera solutions have been provided to several smart phone OEMs such as Xiaomi and OPPO. In the future, Sunny Optical will also provide mobile phone manufacturers with more advanced dual camera solutions to further improve the zoom performance and optical stability, and reduce the height of dual camera modules.

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