Red IPhone 8 Plus: Glass With Red Brilliant Gorgeous

- Apr 12, 2018-

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus feature a beautiful glass backboard design that provides a new red appearance with a color aluminum frame and an exquisite black front body. Other aspects are the same as the regular version of the iPhone 8, starting at the same price of 5888 yuan.

red iphone8......jpg

red iphone8...jpg

red iphone8.jpg

In addition, Apple also introduced a new iPhone X red leather protection clip, which is made of European leather that has been specially tanned and finished. However, the high price of 788 yuan has made many small partners stop.

Today, foreign media cnet shot a group of iPhone8 and 8 Plus (PRODUCT) RED real machine diagram tour, let's enjoy the unique appearance of these two new machines!

iphone8 red.jpgiphone8 red2.jpgiphone8 red3.jpg

In fact, launching the Product Red series is Apple's tradition for many years.

According to the data, Product red is a charity and the initiator is Bono of U2. Global Fund to help fight AIDS in Africa. Apple formally joined Product Red in 2006. Therefore, the Product Red series launched every year has become a common practice. Last year, we have already seen the Product Red version of the iPhone 7 phone.

iphone7 red.jpg

iphone7 red2.jpg

Everyone who purchases the special version of Red has helped the Global Fund organize support for the AIDS protection project and help promote a new era without AIDS.

Contrast with Red Special Edition iPhone 7 

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