Red IPhone X Is Coming Soon!

- Mar 29, 2018-

It is said that technology is changing shells, and as an international big apple, this is the reason. For example, the former "local gold" is a very successful example. In the mobile phone appearance is not too big today, a wave of new color matching may be a good medicine to stimulate sales. Apple has always had the tradition of launching Red Products (PRODUCT RED). Naturally, the new flagship iPhone X is no exception.


Recently, technology bloggers broke the news on Twitter that "iPhone 8 and iPhone X should soon launch a red special edition." Xiao Bian speculated that this phone may be launched at the fall of September new product launch, of course Big screen version iPhone X, iPhone SE2 we can also look forward to the next.

红色版iPhone X

Judging from the currently exposed renderings, the red version of the iPhone X is still black, and the metal middle frame and back plate glass should all be red. Compared with the iPhone 7 white and black with the color, black and red with obviously more beautiful and classic. According to past experience, the new color scheme should maintain its original price. I do not know whether the red iPhone 7 can be turned against the red iPhone 7 before it is sold.

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