Regret! This Feature Of The IPhone May Be Completely Cancelled This Year

- Aug 29, 2018-

According to Barclays Bank analyst Blayne Curtis, this year Apple may completely cancel the 3D Touch function and has already informed investors of this news. The previous news is that Apple will cancel the 3D Touch function on the 6.1-inch iPhone X this year, and the other two iPhone X still retain the 3D Touch function.

apple touch.jpg

At present, the authenticity of the news has yet to be confirmed. As far as the author is concerned, Apple is currently unlikely to completely cancel the 3D Touch function. At least 3D Touch will be retained on the two higher-priced iPhone Xs.

Many features of iOS now rely heavily on 3D Touch, such as the notification bar to clear all notifications, control center shortcuts, Live Photo preview, information preview and quick reply, second-level menu of third-party application icons, etc. Many functions of 3D Touch are completely Incorporating into the iOS system, it is not realistic for the iPhone to cancel 3D Touch across the board.

Apple Marketing Director once said when the 3D Touch feature was launched: "In engineering, the hardware for manufacturing 3D Touch functions is very complicated. If consumers don't like to use this feature, we will waste a whole year of engineering, we are manufacturing. It takes a lot of energy and cost. If it's just a demo function, no one really uses it after a month, it will be a huge waste."

No matter how good 3D Touch is in certain areas, it can't be concealed that the actual frequency of 3D Touch is actually very low. Especially for female users and non-technical digital people, they almost never use this feature from buying a mobile phone until they change their mobile phone. Even if the 3D Touch works well with the Taptic Engine, the icon is as clean as a pinch bubble. . Do you still use the 3D Touch function often?

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