Samsung Confirmed To Push Full Screen Folding Phone:a Wave Of New Coming?

- Feb 01, 2018-

With the development of science and technology, many of the technologies used to be dared not to think about are gradually realized, such as surface screen, comprehensive screen, fingerprint identification under the screen and so on. In recent two years, the development of OLED flexible screen technology is very fast. Everyone's interest in the folding mobile phone is strong. As the advanced form of the surface screen, folding flexible screen will be the next breakthrough for Samsung in the display area.

三星确认推折叠屏手机 新一波潮流来袭?

Recently, according to foreign media reports, Samsung has officially confirmed that it will begin to produce a folding panel this year, and a collapsible smartphone is coming. On this year's CES, Samsung secretly displays the prototype of collapsible smart phone, its products are only presented to investors and operators representatives, but not publicly available. It is worth mentioning that the prototype is very close to the production version.

三星确认推折叠屏手机 新一波潮流来袭?

It is reported that Samsung's foldable mobile phone will use a 7.3 inch screen, a mobile phone named Galaxy X, or a Galaxy Wing. From the picture of the patent, Galaxy X uses a new design concept that extends the screen and folds up and easily fits into the pocket.

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