Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro Retro Design

- Dec 05, 2017-

Remember ten years ago, Samsung in the era of functional machines can be described as impressive. Samsung at the time with excellent appearance and smooth experience, invincible in the domestic market. Later, with the continuous development of smart phones, Samsung's road has become a little rough. The passage of time, it is learned that this year's flagship sales of S and Note did not meet expectations.

Galaxy J2 Pro

Today's domestic market, domestic mobile phone is very strong, low-end market is more contested. A domestic mobile phone with excellent design and high cost, almost no one can match. Recently, foreign media broke a set of Samsung Galaxy S8 Pro (2018) renderings. After reading just want to say, this appearance is very childhood feeling! From the appearance point of view, Galaxy J2 Pro is very Samsung style, the front is not full screen design, the corner is very rounded, the overall is very simple.

Galaxy J2 Pro

The back of the fuselage should be plastic material, using only a single photo. Overall, the positioning of this phone determines his design will not be how high. As for the configuration, according to Samsung's usual approach should not be high. In today's domestic market, the low-end market is the most competitive place. Such a Samsung low-end models, it is estimated will not be much welcomed.

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