Samsung Galaxy S8 Barbie Pink Debut, Tanabata Holiday Gift

- Aug 28, 2017-

Blink of an eye to the air filled with pink bubble Tanabata, the couple is not already ready for a gift? In such a day, you also need a full of happy colors as the most dazzling embellishment. Pink has always been favored by girls. In order to allow many female users to achieve their pink dream, Samsung specially launched in the Tanabata Galaxy S8 new color - Barbie powder.

三星Galaxy S8芭比粉 

Samsung S8 as a full-screen mobile phone, had a high value, this time coupled with the Barbie pink color, I believe will capture a large number of sister's heart. Beauty is the nature of each girl, when the self-timer, Galaxy S8 unique pre-smart focus technology, real-time facial focus can be achieved, whether it is hand or use the self-timer, the focus will always be on your face, plus Enhanced multi-frame synthesis technology, so that more beautiful self-timer, clear.

三星Galaxy S8芭比粉 

Samsung Galaxy S8 Barbie Pink on August 28 from the full sale, in this romantic Tanabata, whether it is for personal use or presented to their beloved people, Galaxy S8 Barbie powder will let you have a "pink" happy new experience. Now we can through the official online store Samsung, Jingdong Samsung official flagship store, Lynx Samsung official flagship store and other online channels to buy, there are more Gifts presented.

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