Samsung Mid-screen Once Again Exposed

- Dec 11, 2017-

Samsung released three full-screen phones in 2017, S8, S8 + and Note 8, have to say that these three phones are very good, but its price is still high, after all, are the flagship series. The moment is Samsung needs to launch in the highly competitive full screen mobile phone market, the price is low, the main mid-range mobile phone to compete with Chinese manufacturers for market share.


Prior to the Samsung midrange full screen mobile phone broke a lot of information, most of them are on the 2018 A8, today the Great God / LEAKS once again exposed some of our 2018 A8 specifications, let's take a look. The front of the phone with 18: 9 full screen, front dual cameras, the bottom has a Type-C interface, it seems that the headset interface has been retained.


It is worth noting that there is no Bixby Voice Assistant start button in the phone's frame. The back of the fuselage with a single camera and fingerprint recognition, and exposed S9 exactly the same design, the highlight is that the aircraft supports NFC and MST dual transfer protocol.

It is reported that the aircraft will be listed in the near future, the specific configuration is not clear, but the national version is expected to carry Qualcomm 660 processor to support the entire Netcom. Price is expected to be around 3,000 yuan, the direct target OPPO R11s, vivo X20.

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