Samsung Note9 Appeared Geekbench

- Mar 29, 2018-

Samsung S9/S9+ just listed not long ago, the workshop has already begun to spread Samsung Note9 news. However, according to past experience, the Samsung Note9's launch date should be in the second half of this year, so users who want to purchase this flagship phone may still need to wait for a while, but we can still see from the Samsung S9/S9+. Some of Note9's shadows include which chip will be used for this big screen flagship.


Recently, a database named “SM-N960U” appeared in the database of running software, Geekbench. Considering the name of Samsung Note8 is SM-N950U, this new model is likely to be Samsung Note9. From the specific data of running points, Samsung Note9 equipped with Xiaolong 845 processor, single-core running score of 2190 points, multi-core running score of 8806 points, and other carrying Xiaolong 845 mobile phone is roughly the same.


According to the practice of previous years, the release date of the Samsung Note series was mostly in August and September, and the possibility of the release of Samsung Note9 at the IFA2018 conference was very high. In addition, there is news that Samsung Note9 will also be unveiled with Bixby 2.0, which means Samsung Note9 will have a very big improvement in artificial intelligence and voice.

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