Samsung Note9 Running Points Amazing Performance, Single-core Super Apple A11

- May 07, 2018-

May 7 news, the recent online rumors about Samsung Note9 frequently exposed. As early as the end of April this year, there was news on the Internet that the Samsung Note9 National Bank version appeared in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the aircraft is expected to be released in the summer. Today, some netizens released a screenshot of Geekbench, who was suspected of taking Note9’s European version.


By running the screenshot information, this Samsung Note9 European model is SM-N960F, equipped with a new Exynos 9815 processor, equipped with 8GB of memory, which single-core run points more eye-catching, and its performance of 5162 points will be a variety of models rejection Behind them, even surpassed the A11 processor on the iPhone X, and the multi-core running breaks through the mark.

Many netizens have questioned the results of this sort of running. They think that although the Samsung Note series will have better performance than the Galaxy series, the upgrade rate is not so exaggerated, and the single-core 5000 score is obviously easy to question. 


In addition, according to Note9 configuration information previously exposed on the Internet, it will also use 6.4-inch full-vision surface display, equipped with Qualcomm Xiaolong 845 processor, equipped with 4000mAh battery and fingerprint under the screen. From the exposure of the configuration, it is still quite attractive, if this model is introduced, you will consider buying it?

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