Samsung Pushed The Pingchang Winter Olympic Games Limited Edition Note8, Pure White And Unflawed

- Jan 18, 2018-

Every year, the Samsung mobile phone will aim at all kinds of opportunities, make full use of sports events, launch a custom version and so on for their own brand publicity. This year's Winter Olympics will be held in Pingchang, South Korea. How can Samsung have such a good chance? Recently, the official partner of Pingchang Winter Olympic Games Samsung Electronics said it would give 4000 Olympic version Galaxy Note8 to sports teams and International Olympic Committee staff participating in Winter Olympic Games.

三星推平昌冬奥会限量版Note8 纯白无瑕三星推平昌冬奥会限量版Note8 纯白无瑕

According to Samsung, the Pingchang Winter Olympics Version Note8 uses the bright white and the Olympic golden five ring design, and the design is inspired by the Olympic torch. There is no change in the front of the fuselage. On the back of the fuselage, there is a white back cover that symbolizes the white snow in winter. With the gold metal middle box, the LOGO on the back has joined the five ring logo, and the S Pen stylus has also joined the gold element. In addition to its appearance, the mobile phone will also preinstall 2018 theme wallpapers and applications in Pingchang.

三星推平昌冬奥会限量版Note8 纯白无瑕

Earlier, International Olympic Committee chairman Bach once said: "Samsung's innovative wireless technology has made a lot of contributions to the widespread dissemination of Olympic spirit in the past 20 years. The Olympic version of Galaxy Note8 will also deliver memorable Winter Olympic memories to the world." As a big international factory, Samsung not only sponsored the Winter Olympics, but also launched a limited version of the mobile phone. It really is too marketing itself.

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