Samsung Releases 360 Round Panoramic Camera, 17 Cameras

- Oct 19, 2017-

Samsung has just released a 360 Round panoramic camera with 17 cameras that can shoot high quality panoramic content. Samsung called it live 4K 360 degrees streaming video, and provides a good ability to capture space audio.

 360 Round

From the appearance point of view, its shape is quite interesting, with a fan type design of oblate, a bit like a household sweeping robot, it has IP65 level protection. The user can manipulate 360 Round through the supporting software on the PC, and it also supports external microphone and storage devices. This device will be officially released this month, and the price of Samsung has not been announced.


It is reported that in 2016 almost all manufacturers are involved in the field of VR virtual reality, but this concept has not been hot down, a few days ago, NOKIA has announced the temporary stop of the project's R & D. But some companies are still sticking to it, such as Samsung and HTC.

Panorama is a very cool way of taking pictures, together with the VR virtual reality has a very good prospect in usage. But at present, the experience of the major manufacturers has not yet reached the expected, do not know with the development and growth of 5G technology, VR virtual reality industry will once again fire up?

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