Samsung S9 Accidental Disclosure Of All Configurations: The Screen Becomes Smaller?

- Dec 06, 2017-

Samsung S9 is really not yet published on the fire has been around the world, released from time to time, but the rivers and lakes about it more and more news, and even more and more true. Yesterday broke the news of foreign big God / LEAKS broke the news of a Samsung S9 configuration diagram, the two most exciting figure, one S9 uses a 5.77-inch full screen, even smaller than S8's 5.8 inches. The second is that it is equipped with Snapdragon 845 processor, it appears to be the first episode.


In addition, God also broke the news of the latest Samsung S9 renderings, it seems S9's jaw is really small to almost narrow borders amazing, although the real machine may be some errors, but still for Samsung's screen technology like, believe S9 real machine will be very amazing. Perhaps the Samsung S9 is the real opponent iPhone X, technically even crush the iPhone X.


It is reported that the Samsung S9 will be officially unveiled on the CES 2018, in addition to the black screen technology, there may be equipped with graphene batteries, 12 minutes full of electricity. In addition, S9 is also expected to become the world's first 512GB memory mobile phone. As the conference approaching day by day, there may be more Samsung S9 black technology was broke out, we look good.

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