Samsung S9+ Costs $379 Comparable To IPhone X

- Mar 20, 2018-

Samsung announced the Galaxy S9 and S9+ duals on the eve of the MWC2018 at the end of February. Market research company TechInsights analyzed the component costs of the Samsung S9+ and found that the device is Samsung's highest cost mobile phone with a total production cost of US$379, which is even higher than Samsung Note8. For $10, it costs only a little less than the iPhone X. The iPhone X costs $389.5.

三星S9+成本为379美元 堪比iPhone X

Regarding the cost of each component, the related chart shows that the cost of the Exynos 9810 chip is $68, and that of the Super AMOLED panel is $72. On the camera side, the S9+ is equipped with a more advanced camera, but also with a second rear camera, the front camera is still 8 million pixels, the cost of the component is 48 dollars. Other more expensive components are memory and non-electronic devices.


It is worth noting that the $379 here is only the cost of production and does not include the costs of research and development, marketing, distribution, and taxation.

The Samsung S9+ is priced at US$840 in the U.S. official website, and its profit margin is calculated to be approximately 55%. Compared with the iPhone X, the gross profit rate is approximately 61%, and the iPhone 8 Plus’s gross profit rate is approximately 59%.

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