Samsung S9+ Design Details Compared To The S8+ Border Narrow Fuselage

- Jan 31, 2018-

There are probably three schools in the era of full screen. One is the heteromorphic screen represented by iPhone X, the other is the "forehead free" full screen which is represented by millet MIX 2. Three is the comprehensive screen with the top and bottom sides represented by Samsung S8, and the last one is the most common one. But Samsung S8's unique feature is the use of the full view curved panel, which is not reached by other manufacturers. Samsung also extends this design to the next generation S9 flagship.

三星S9+设计细节对比S8+ 边框窄机身厚

三星S9+设计细节对比S8+ 边框窄机身厚

Recently, OnLeaks announced a group of S9+ compared to S8+ plant CAD map, through the photos we can see two mobile phone models in the design of nuance. As a whole, the modeling of Samsung S9+ has not changed much, only in some small places. For example, the upper and lower borders, especially the lower frame, are relatively narrow, which helps to improve the screen duty of the mobile phone. In addition, the Samsung S9+ phone area has narrowed, looks more exquisite and delicate.

三星S9+设计细节对比S8+ 边框窄机身厚

In addition, published with OnLeaks S9 series of body measurements compared with S8 series of specific data:

S9 = 147.6 * 68.7 x 8.4mm contrast S8 = 148.9 * 68.1 x 8mm

S9+ = 157.7 * 73.8 x 8.5mm contrast S8+ = 159.5 * 73.4 x 8.1mm

The Samsung S9+ series has a significant increase in the thickness of the fuselage compared to the S8 series, which is expected to increase the cell capacity of the mobile phone.

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