Samsung S9 Or Retain 3.5mm Interface And Comes With AKG Headphones

- Nov 15, 2017-

Samsung S9 or retain 3.5mm interface and comes with AKG headphones

To say that in recent years the function of mobile phones gradually abandoned the most pessimistic that, 3.5mm headphone jack must have something to say. In fact, for a long time, 3.5mm headphone jack is almost an indispensable part of the user a point, I believe many people now have at home there is at least one headset ever. Unfortunately, as more and more light mobile phone more and more thin, and the addition of waterproof, apparently 3.5mm headphone jack has not met this era, and many companies led by Apple are also sparing no effort to promote the "wireless" concept. However, it is slightly gratifying that Samsung's flagship model has also retained the interface, and there is news that the next generation of flagship Galaxy S9 and S9 + will continue this tradition.


Samsung Galaxy S9 is likely to be bundled with the new AKG headset, and may be a Bluetooth headset, while the S9 camera will use BBAR layer anti-ghost anti-ghosting technology. And in its latest microblogging also revealed that, at least in the prototype S9 has not canceled the 3.5mm headphone jack.

In fact, for the Samsung Galaxy S series, has always been its technology and design of advanced users, of course, the appearance of Note Edge to take one step ahead. So there is reason to believe that if the cancellation of 3.5mm headphone jack, it should start from this. Random gift of the new AKG headset should be the depth of cooperation with the factory custom, it appears that the S9 series will emphasize the sound quality. So since the main sound quality, 3.5mm interface is reserved to be more reasonable, after all, Bluetooth headset in this area is still inferior.

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