Samsung S9 + Photo Compare IPhone X

- Mar 19, 2018-

As the heaviest Android flagship that has appeared in the first half of the year, the Samsung S9 series did not live up to everyone's expectations, and the camera part claimed to "redefine the camera." According to the foreign authoritative camera evaluation agency DxOMark's test data, Samsung S9+'s comprehensive score of 99 points, surpassing the old rival Apple's iPhone X, won the first. So is the Samsung S9+ and iPhone X's photo level really the same as the evaluation?

三星S9+和iPhone X(图源网)

Recently, foreign media Macrumors also made a targeted photo comparison. In the automatic mode, Samsung S9+ photos are more analytical, but iPhone X's color performance is more realistic, which is consistent with Apple's consistent style.

三星S9+拍照对比iPhone X(图源网)

三星S9+拍照对比iPhone X(图源网)

In the portrait mode, the Samsung S9+ and the iPhone X are unspeakably perfect. The foreground object of the former is better processed and the brightness is slightly lower. In the latter proofs, the edge of the upper right corner of the signboard shows signs of being blurred.

三星S9+拍照对比iPhone X(图源网)

Finally, video shooting, Samsung S9 + new 960fps slow-motion shooting, and iPhone X only supports 240fps. When shooting 4K video, the Samsung S9+ provides better image stabilization, while the iPhone X dominates outdoor noise control.

Macrumors concluded that the cameras of the Samsung S9+ and iPhone X both performed very well and sometimes even produced photos comparable to SLRs. On the other hand, Samsung S9+ outperformed iPhone X in overall image and video quality.

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