Samsung S9 Positive Spy Photos Exposure: Screen Share Is Almost Perfect

- Dec 04, 2017-


According to foreign media reports, according to the revelation of the previous big evleaks exposure, Samsung S9 screen accounted for a higher screen almost perfect, Samsung S9 is still using Samsung proud of the "full screen" design, the back of the fingerprint identification Also moved to the back of the middle, Samsung S9 system will be optimized.

It is understood that the Samsung S9 is still using a 5.8-inch full-screen screen, and in the past is different, the Samsung S9 screen only 89.53% increase in proportion, the Samsung S9 chin and the screen around the border is almost the same screen share amazing. To know that iPhone X screen accounted for only 81.67%, if the news is accurate, Samsung S9 screen accounted for almost perfect.


From the previous exposure of the news, the Samsung S9 may have three models launched, namely: 5.4-inch Samsung S9 mini, 5.8-inch Samsung S9 and 6.2-inch Samsung S9 Plus. All three models will be equipped with Snapdragon 845 processor or Samsung Exyons 9810 chip. Samsung S9 still dual cameras, camera aperture is expected to reach F / 1.5, on the storage side, Samsung S9 is expected from 4GB +64 GB, the operating system will be based on Android 8.0 Samsung Galaxy AI system. Color, Samsung S9 has pink, blue, black, gold four colors for the user to choose.


In addition, the distance from the CES 2018 Convention closer and closer, many companies will take the opportunity to release new machines, including Samsung, Sony and other manufacturers, Samsung S9 series is expected to release.

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