Screen Fingerprint + Full Screen: Vivo X21 Hot Appointment!

- Mar 21, 2018-

On the evening of March 19, vivo held a press conference in Wuzhen and officially released the X21 series of mobile phones. Breakthrough fingerprint technology under the screen has attracted wide attention. The screen fingerprint located on the front of the mobile phone does not have any visible physical structure, so that the full-screen mobile phone has a very integrated appearance. After such a full black mobile phone was released, it gained high popularity and attention.

 vivo X21

In terms of appearance, the vivo X21UD uses a 19:9 ratio of the next-generation OLED full screen. The positive "bang" area of vivo is shorter, and its visual impact and interference are also reduced to a minimum, accounting for 90.3% of the screen. The back texture is stronger than the previous metal material. The color is displayed through the bottom of the glass coating method, the film uses a coating + silk screen color processing technology, bringing a unique glass luster effect, in different light will map out the track light, full of texture.

vivo X21UD

On the camera side, the vivo X21UD uses 2x12 million pixels (24 million light-sensing units) sensor, full-pixel dual-core ultra-fast focus, with 24 million light-sensitive units, can shoot 24 million pixels. In addition, the aircraft also added artificial intelligence Jovi AI. It can intelligently predict and identify different usage scenarios based on user's usage and operating habits, realize smart recall, smoothly switch background, and greatly improve game performance. Price, vivo X21 price starting at 3198 yuan, on March 24th sale, vivo X21 fingerprint version of the screen price of 3598 yuan, March 28 on sale.

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