Siri's Shortcuts First Beta Issued

- Jul 07, 2018-

Siri Shortcuts,, is a shortcut added by Apple on the iOS 12 system. It allows users to enter a series of complicated operations, such as "remote opening the home to open the thermostat, texting your roommate to tell him." Going home, then open the map to navigate home, then add a sentence to this series of actions. In the future, just start Siri and say this, the phone can perform this series of operations.


This feature comes from the Workflow app that Apple bought in 2017 – they bought a third-party app and put its functionality into their own system.

Currently, the iOS 12 beta system already has this feature, but it is a very simple part. It can be used in Siri's secondary directory to implement some simple functions and requires App support.

Currently iOS 12 has similar features, but it's very simple.

At the iOS 12 conference, Apple said it will launch a dedicated shortcut app this fall. According to them, the initial beta version of the shortcut app will only have some features, and these custom actions can not be synchronized to iCloud, shortcuts can not Open the app via Siri when the device is locked.

In fact, there is more than one Apple in this idea. One of the selling points of Xiaomi MIUI 10 familiar to domestic users is to use the small love voice assistant to perform analog clicks, which is more like a screen recording operation. In addition, vivo Jovi has similar functions.

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