Such A Full Screen IPhone SE Beauty Is Not Beautiful?

- Nov 09, 2017-

Remember the iPhone just launched that year, 3.5 inches is already a super big screen, gives us an unprecedented visual experience. However, with the continuous development of technology, cell phone screen quality is higher and higher, but also more and more. Now 5 inches can be called "just good" size. However, there are still consumers like the feel of a small screen. iPhone SE was born.

这样一款“全面屏”的iPhone SE美不美?

This phone has the appearance of iPhone 5S, iPhone 6S heart, once launched by many small screen enthusiasts sought after. Recently, some foreign users have made the second generation iPhone SE rendering map, drawing on the iPhone X comprehensive screen design, but this forehead and chin is a bit wide!

这样一款“全面屏”的iPhone SE美不美?

From the machine's design language, this full-screen iPhone SE main body or using the iPhone SE shape, but the back of the glass material, may be to join the wireless charging. However, this model and the iPhone X but compared to too much difference, not only a little wide forehead and chin, screen share is not too high. If Apple really consider launching the iPhone SE second-generation products, what do you think the best?

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