Supply Is Extremely Tight! The IPhone 8/7s / 7s Plus Will Go On Sale In September!

- Aug 16, 2017-


Guo Ming ð « “ creates in the investment report said, according to apple's supply chain, the iPhone 8 will have three kinds of color: black, silver, and All three new iphones will support fast charging, but users will have to pay extra for Lighting - usb-c and adapters.

The iPhone 7s (4.7 inches) and the iPhone 7s Plus (5.5in) have both entered the mass production stage.

The iPhone 8 (5.15 inches) will be tested in late August, and mass production is expected to begin in mid-september.

The iPhone 8 (also known as the iPhone Pro) will produce between 45m and 50m units this year.

The iPhone 7s will reach 35 million to 38 million units, and the iPhone 7s Plus will reach 18 million to 20 million.

The iPhone 7s / 7s Plus looks very different from the previous generation and still USES LCD screens.

The iPhone 8 will be equipped with a borderless OLED display that could integrate facial recognition technology to replace Touch ID fingerprint recognition. In addition, the iPhone 8 will configure the virtual Home button instead of the physical Home button. The iPhone 8 is rumored to be starting at more than $1,000.

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