Teach You To Choose The Major Knowledge Of Earphone

- Oct 20, 2017-

Listen to music, is the love of almost all young people. Whether the bus, the subway, or the campus, office, library, apartment dormitory, everywhere with Earphone to enjoy the wonderful music, listening to music is like an indispensable part of modern life.

An office worker, work on the road, lunch break, get off work home, evening, all with the Earphone to listen to music, specifically count, a lot of time with a Earphone every day. However, the same music different Earphone, listening effect is simply different. So, a good Earphone is really necessary. Of course, many people realize this, also initiation of a simple answer and simple ideas - spend more money, buy a good Earphone to listen to music, in order to achieve a higher listening to enjoy, so beautiful music instead Nasty bus noise, so that bored cars become fun to relax.

So, how to judge what is "good" Earphone?

"Good sound" Earphone is "good" Earphone, I believe most people will think of this directly. But what is sound quality? The simplest and rugged understanding - the quality of the sound. For music equipment, players, Earphone or amplifiers, sound quality, is the most general characterization of its performance. Indeed, for ordinary music lovers, or just started to contact the fever music Earphone players, often use the "sound quality" word as a sound quality description, so there are several common saying: good sound quality, poor sound quality, This is better than that sound quality, that is worse than the sound quality

In fact, want to choose in the vast sea of the most suitable for their own, professionals will ask you the following five questions:

1. Do I need earplugs or Earphone?

>>>> It depends on personal preference, habits, choice earplugs or Earphone.

2. earplugs need earplugs or flat head plugs Earphone needs closed, open or semi-open?

>>>> into the earplugs, sound insulation is good, but everyone has a different ear canal, not everyone can manage ear ear, nor is everyone can control all ear ear, wearing comfort is also very important point; The plug will not have the phenomenon of wearing discomfort, but unfortunately this ear is almost no sound, for the use of the street will not be able to provide a good listening experience. Earphone, closed, open or semi-open, the most direct effect is sound insulation and no sound, of course, there are many differences, I will specifically talk about the following.

3. What kind of music is the type of music?

>>>> There is no omnipotent Earphone in the world, different types of music, the performance of all aspects of the Earphone requirements vary, according to the listener's favorite music type to select the Earphone, this is very important. For high-level Shaoyou, there will be more subdivision, such as monitoring taste, simulation taste, the old taste and so on.

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