The 7 S / 8 Release Time And Newest Pricing:you Have To Buy It

- Aug 21, 2017-

Latest news shows that apple will likely at this year's September 5th or 6th (according to a source from the apple internal leakage), the iPhone 8, 7 s iPhone, iPhone 7 s Plus the three phones, of course, this news is there are telltale signs.


On September 9, 2014 iPhone 6 and 6 Plus released on Tuesday, September 9, 2015 iPhone 6 s and 6 s Plus released on Wednesday, September 7, 2016, released the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus on Wednesday, so from the perspective of the habit of apple, the latest Revelations authenticity or higher.

IPhone 7S / 8 launch time/price exposure: apple forces you to buy it!

In addition, the news also mentioned three time to market of new iPhone, iPhone 7 s are relatively nothing is too difficult to production, the most likely time is on September 15, 2017 on sale or on September 22 (interval of 10 days or 17 days), while the iPhone 8 delayed time to market.

Finally is everybody most care about the most price, the information mentioned in the news is that the 64 gb iPhone 8 priced at $1100 (7500 yuan), 256 8 gb version of the iPhone is priced at $1200 (8100 yuan).

64 gb iPhone 7 s and 7 s Plus were priced at $650 (4400 yuan) and a $770 (5200 yuan), 256 gb iPhone 7 s and 7 s Plus were priced at $750 (5100 yuan) and a $870 (5900 yuan).

There's no question that apple is going to use the iPhone 7S when the iPhone 8 is in trouble, so which are you struggling with? Well, they've already chosen...

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