The Apple Factory Exposes Itself To A New Generation Of IPhone: 30 Minutes Under 1.5 Meters Of Water!

- Jun 16, 2017-

According to the report "the Nikkei Asian review" said CEO Robert Hwang, Wistron revealed some new information of iPhone speak in their shareholders' meeting, the first to have more than a new machine debut this year, followed by the 10th anniversary version of the biggest changes.

CEO Robert Wistron Hwang expresses, at present in the new iPhone production in the production process is basically not much change, but the new wireless charging and waterproof functions such as need some different tests, and the waterproof function will slightly change some assembly process, but the overall change is not big.


Is that saying iPhone 8? Apple analysts believe that this is likely to be in the iPhone 7S Plus, after all, before the weft and shared assembly tasks is Foxconn 5.5 inch screen iPhone, so from this point of view will be 7S Plus.

According to this description, iPhone 7S, 7S waterproof grade Plus will be increased to IP68 (after the previous generation is IP67), it can be in the depth of 1.5 meters underwater for 30 minutes at the same time, the whole system comes standard with wireless charging, if this is true, then 7S will abandon the metal shell, switch to glass design + metal.

In that case, there is no money to buy iPhone 8 users, starting with the appearance of a change in iPhone 7S is also good.

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