The Best Changes In Wi-fi History! IOS 11 Is A Priority To Connect To 5GHz Wi-fi

- Jul 26, 2017-

Many believe the introduction of the 5GHz band is the best change in wi-fi history.

In the past, the first known network was added by default, whether it was an iPhone or an iPad, and automatically chose the best model, whether it was 2.4ghz or 5GHz.

But when it comes to iOS 11, it's not the same, it will prioritize the 5GHz band of wi-fi to make sure you're using the most smooth network, unless the 5GHz wi-fi signal is too weak.

This is certainly convenient for the dual-band wi-fi environment, especially for those two bands that use only one SSID and no longer have to worry about entering the slow lane.

As long as it's iOS 11, whether it's iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, this feature is supported.

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