The Design Of IOS 12 Is Exposed

- Dec 18, 2017-

iPhone X blush gold version will be released:

Before the release of iPhone X, it was feared that its presence would affect the sales of the iPhone 8 series. This is not worried about the latest data show that Weakness lends wings to rumours., iPhone X activation volume has more than 8 iPhone did not know, apple is good or bad. In addition to iPhone 8, it is said that apple is preparing a new color for the iPhone X for the Chinese Lunar New Year.

iPhone X机模

Apple iOS 12 final design list:

The most representative iOS system of Apple has gradually become stable and open after several years of development. But from the 7 iOS system began to seem and no change in the design, so there are now users, developers and designers began to consider iOS 12 should bring what function, therefore appeared on the Internet a high demand function iOS 12 wish list, we take a look at.

早报:iOS 12设计曝光/iPhone X新版将发

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