The First IPhone X Was Broken In The World, Could Be Broken So Thoroughly!

- Nov 03, 2017-

Although iPhone X also wait until today to be officially listed, but last night in November 2nd after the world's first demolition, the world's first crush was also exposed by netizens. From the picture, this iPhone X before and after the glass was smashed, basically no possibility of recovery.

iPhone X全球首碎

At present, the retail version of iPhone X is not activated, and the video in the iPhone X has been activated version, do not know what the iPhone X is a media evaluation machine or a nouveau riche dicing with default to activate the machine. And so completely broken, the mobile phone will not be pressed by the car too?

iPhone X全球首碎

This year, the iPhone X uses a double glass material, or when we do not like the daily use of mobile phone video that will fall so broken, but the glass material is not used when the metal, or to protect. If you have no money, so when buying iPhone X plus AppleCare+ is a right choice perhaps.

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