The IPhone 8 Facial Recognition Technology Exposur

- Aug 24, 2017-


When it comes to the new iPhone 8, which is about to give up Touch ID and face recognition, it is believed that a lot of fruit powder is resistant.

It's not that people are not comfortable with apple's technology, after all, after all the years of being used to fingerprint identification, it suddenly said that it's going to be lost, and this kind of thing will not be used in any number of times.And 8 on the iPhone seem to carry so much of new technology, including apple analyst Guo Ming ð « “ that creates and bloomberg reported what big, gul mann, these reliable sources are also pledged iPhone 8 will use facial recognition validation, marc gul rahman revealed that the iPhone 8 facial recognition mechanism can be completed in a flashAs for many people who worry about what to do if they don't have instant noodles on their phones, he also says that even on the desk, it can recognize faces.

Light from the experience, theory, face recognition is certainly better than fingerprint identification, after all, this is equivalent to save a step again, validation work more to the equipment, without the need for users to do on their own.So how does apple do that?The Wall Street journal brought more news.

The revelation that apple's 3D sensing core technology for the iPhone 8 has been confirmed is a solution called "structural light".So-called structure light is a kind of active optical measurement technology, mainly through structured light projector project upon the surface of the measured object controlled light, light or smooth, again by image sensors, finally it is concluded that the volumetric data of the object, and then to apply them.

The same technology applies to the iPhone's camera.First infrared transmitters to face or any other objects on the emission of infrared light, and then system according to this piece of light spot for a projected on the surface distortion, calculate the depth of the very accurate data, so as to complete the recognition of faces or other objects.In addition, the reflection of the infrared light will be received by the receiver, and the device can also determine the position of the object in accordance with this time.

It's worth noting that the Wall Street journal called the iPhone 8 as a means of identification because it USES infrared light, so its face recognition won't be affected by lighting conditions.This means that even in a dark room, the phone can recognize faces and perform unlocking, verification and other operations.

Than some rivals pure use front camera to record the picture, and then use the algorithm to analysis to identify the practice of 2 d image, the choice of apple will undoubtedly have a more accurate and applicable situation is much more.

Earlier today, twitter giant @slashleaks Shared a spy photo of a suspected "iPhone 8" 3D sensing camera module.Apart from the photo, the great god didn't reveal any other details.

While qualcomm is adept at designing advanced application processors and baseband solutions, they are slightly behind on some of the more critical smartphone technologies, such as dual cameras and ultrasound fingerprint scans.Qualcomm, so says the most positive for Android development of 3 d sensing technology firms, but Guo Ming ð « “ creates or said, the most conservative estimate is to wait until 2019 to see them in the aspects of the research and development

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